Case studies at AW Law Group

Area: Wills and Trusts

Client’s Issue: Client had children whom she wanted to leave everything equally. However, each of the children owned a different house jointly with the client that had a different market value with no way to predict the value at the time when the assets of the Trust were to be distributed to the children. The client did not want to force the children to sell the houses at the time of the distribution, yet wanted to make sure each child received an equal share of her estate.

AW Law Group helped: Our estate planning experts worked closely with the family to craft a Trust declaration with unique provisions to ensure equal distribution of all her assets.

Result: An estate plan that ensured that each of the children will get an equal share of the estate without the need for selling the houses and an amicable way to value the property at the time of the distribution.

Disclaimer: Result not typical. Each case is different. Actual results will vary depending on each client’s specific situation