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What Is Debt Settlement?

Debt Settlement is the process where a person in debt or his/her representatives, negotiate with a creditor to settle an outstanding loan or fee for a minimum balance. The minimal balance would be paid off at once or in easy installments, without any further harm to the credit history of the person in debt. All debt is forgiven when this agreed upon amount is paid in full with no liability to repay the exceeding balance.

Debt Settlement Is More Beneficial Than Debt Management – With Debt Management, you can have a bit of extra time to pay your original loan amount, but your overall balance does not decrease. In some Debt Management cases, your balance may even increase due to accrued interest. However, with Debt Settlement, negotiations are made to reduce the debt by up to 60%. Late fees can also be settled with Debt Settlement.

When Should You Start Debt Settlement – The process of debt settlement can be started right after a person in debt passes the date when their loan or a payment is due. As a debtor, you should begin the process sooner rather than later. Some creditors have protocols in place where they only accept a debt settlement up to a specific time after the debtor fails to pay it off their balance.

What Kinds of Debts Can Be Settled with Debt Settlement – The beauty of Debt Settlement is that practically any type of debt can be settled with the right negotiated agreement. Some examples of debts AW Law Group in Contra Costa County, California can help you settle are:

  • Home or property loan debts
  • Car loan debts
  • Payday loan debts
  • Credit card bill overdue debts
  • Business or corporate debts
  • Student and academic debts
  • Medical insurance bills and medical debts
  • Mobile service provider debts
  • Utility bills turned into debts
  • Company collection accounts and many more

Do I Qualify for Debt Settlement – If you owe any amount of debt to a person or company, you can apply for Debt Settlement with AW Law Group in Contra Costa County, California. The principal requirement to qualify for Debt Settlement is to be under a debt of any kind.

Second Lien or a Loan on Property – Removing Second Liens, as well as  Delinquent Property Loans from your credit report, are both possible with Debt Settlement at AW Law Group. We can provide you with the very best Second Lien settlement service in Contra Costa County, California.

Secured Debt Vs Unsecured Debt – A Secured Debt is where the person in debt might have secured some of his/her assets as collateral in order to receive a loan. Unsecured Debt such as credit cards, do not place a lien on any collateral. However, if both lines of credit fall into delinquency, creditors can come after your property and earnings for repayment.  At AW Law Group we will help negotiate a proper debt settlement plan to wipe out your secured or unsecured debt.

AW Law Group is available 24/7 in Contra Costa County offering highly experienced Debt Settlement attorneys.

Why You Need a Law Firm or Attorney in Contra Costa County?

If you owe any kind of debt to a person or company or are in need of any business legal advice in the Contra Costa County region, you need an expert law firm on your side. Expert debt settlement attorneys are always best equipped with the knowledge of how to minimize your debts to the lowest amount. When you sign up for services from our professional Debt Settlement team, you will be able to reduce the amount of total debt by up to 60%. Whether you need help with Bankruptcy, your business legal issues, or Debt Settlement, our professional law firm is available in Contra Costa County, California.

AW Law Group has some of the most skilled attorneys in Contra Costa County, California.  We are ready to fight on your behalf when it comes to creditor harassment and credit debt. We are always willing to help you with any legal or debt settlement issues that you might find yourself in.

Best Debt Settlement Service in Contra Costa County

Anyone of us can find ourselves buried under tons of debt. An accident on the job, sudden illness, divorce, bereavement, or simply being laid off can cause anyone to accumulate great debt. When you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper in debt, it is easy to lose track and fall down in a place you don’t want to be in.  At AW Law Group we understand that debt can be a drowning anchor and that’s why we want to help you settle your debts.  Our lawyers have years of experience in debt solutions. We have been doing this for a very long. Let us work on your case to yield a positive outcome for you. AW Law Group can provide you with an easy way out of debt, without any further harm to your personal credit history. With our quality Debt Settlement service, you will regain peace of mind and receive:

  • Complete control all your debt and no loss to credit history
  • An option to participate in the negotiations or you can also sit back and we will do all for you
  • Affordable debt settlement service where you pay only a small fee for our superior service
  • Reliable business legal advice

Another area AW Law Group excels in is handling all legal business issues. We have expert business lawyers who will resolve all your legal business issues in a very professional and progressive manner. We help you iron out all legal conflicts with third parties, regarding any of your business transactions in Contra Costa County, California. You can count on us for top-rated Investment Consultation in any business industry. Some expert business attorney services that we provide in the region are as follows:

  • Creating and executing legal agreements between partners or co-owners for any business
  • Providing proper HR consultation regarding any legal limitations with people or processes
  • Formation of corporate organizations under the supervision of law
  • Contract preparation and execution within legal boundaries

Why You Need AW Law Group in Contra Costa County, California?

If you seek a reliable Debt Settlement, Bankruptcy Assistance or Business Consultation from an Attorney in Contra Costa County, California, AW Law Group is ready to serve you.  We are the best in the region for a reason. Our professional experience spans more than five decades and we are always available to answer any questions for our clients. AW Law Group has worked with some of the largest business organizations and clients in California. Our clients include ranking USA Fortune 500 Companies and we also extend our services to new startups, as well as non-profit organizations. Our legal experience, people skills, and technology-based services, coupled with the drive to please our clients is why we are number one in debt solution.

AW Law Group offers the best Debt Settlement in Contra Costa County, California, reducing your debt amount by up to 60%. AW Law Group’s professional consultancy service can also make your business run a lot smoother.

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