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What is Debt Settlement?

Debt Settlement is the process where negotiations are made between the creditors and the person in debt through his/her representatives with the aim to decide a mutually agreed amount that would waive off all the debt owed. With efficient Debt Settlement, the original debt amount can be reduced by up to 60% with all the rest being waived off as well.

Who Needs Debt Settlement – Basically, any person under any kind of debt whether it is a loan turned into an unpaid debt or a payment that is not cleared off on time may need Debt Settlement. AW Law Group, based in Newark, CA offers highly experienced Debt Settlement in the region.

Debt Settlement Vs Debt Management – With debt management, you can extend your period of loan and also convert the debt amount into installments but the whole amount has to be eventually paid plus interest and other fees. With Debt Settlement however, the actual amount can also be reduced to as low as 40% of the original debt or lower sometimes. In most cases, Debt Settlement works better than debt management for the right candidates. Call us today to find out if you qualify for Debt Settlement. Our specialists are on a standby to help you.

When Should You Start Debt Settlement – Ultimately, Debt Settlement is a process that would bring many benefits for a person suffering under a burden of debt. It should be started sooner rather than later and the best time to start it as soon as you miss a payment on the original debt.

Which Kinds of Debts Can Be Settled with Debt Settlement – Technically and realistically, all debts can be settled with efficient Debt Settlement. Debt Settlement professionals, such as AW Law Group, provide a range of options to settle all debts, including:

  • Business loans or debts from a person or organization
  • Home or property loans turned into debts
  • Car or vehicle loans that become debts
  • Overdue credit card bills and payments
  • Trade loans with any stipulations
  • Payday advance loans from employers or other organizations
  • Student loans for tuition fees turned into debts
  • Insurance bills and medical expenses that are now debts
  • Utility bills and mobile company bills
  • Company collection accounts and many more

Do I Qualify for Debt Settlement – This is one of the most asked question in Debt Settlement our clients in Newark, CA and the region ask us. Basically, if you owe any of the mentioned debts or any other ones to a person or a company, you may be a good candidate for Debt Settlement.

Second Lien Debt – Home or property loans are quite common in the United States, especially in Newark, California and the Bay Area region. If you for any reason have failed to payback your home loan, a Second Lien Debt Settlement can be made by Newark-based, CA AW Law Group.

Secured Vs Unsecured Debt – A secured debt is when you have secured any of your assets against your debt. Whether you have a secured debt or an unsecured one, Newark, CA based AW Law Group will provide professional Debt Settlement assistance.

We are available anytime in Newark, California and the region to talk to you. Visit our office or call us at any time to find out how we can get you the best Debt Settlement service.

Why You Need a Debt Settlement Attorney or a Law Firm?

Have you found yourself in a bad debt situation recently? Do you owe any debt to a person or company in the Newark, California region? To get out of your bad debt situation effectively having to pay a much reduced debt amount, you will need services from a high quality Debt Settlement Attorney or a Law Firm specializing in Debt Settlement. AW Law Group is one of Newark’s most trusted Debt Settlement law firm – we have expert lawyers who can help you with any bad debt in the region. We will help you negotiate most efficiently with your creditors and settle on an amount that is much reduced but still works for both you and the creditors. AW Law Group also provides expert assistance in Business and Contract, and Wills and Trust services in Newark, CA and the region.

AW Law Group has most experienced Debt Settlement specialist in our law firm who will help you get out of your bad debt situation most efficiently.

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