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What is Debt Settlement?

If you are under the weight of a debt of any kind, Debt Settlement can get you out from under that heavy burden. In Debt Settlement, negotiations are made with your loan providers or parties you owe money to, in order to settle the matter. You end up paying back only a fraction of what you owe. Debt Settlement is the most efficient solution when you need to getting out of debt without affecting your personal credit history or integrity.

Debt Settlement is Better Than Debt Management – There is a huge difference between Debt Settlement and Debt Management. Debt management or Consolidation can actually extend your tenure of debt, where you still have to pay the full amount at a later date.  Whereas, in Debt Settlement, your actual amount owed can be reduced by more than 60%, making the process far better than management or consolidation at any time.

When to Start Debt Settlement – Basically, there is no set time period for Debt Settlement. As soon as you pass the date that you were supposed to repay your debt, the process of Debt Settlement can begin.

What Kinds of Debt Can Be Handled with Debt Settlement – When you choose premier Debt Settlement providers in Santa Clara like AW Law Group, any of your outstanding debts can be settled through our services. We handle:

  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Card Debts
  • Business Loans
  • Lines of Credit Debt
  • Student Loans
  • Payday Loans and Advances
  • Medical and Insurance Bills
  • Utility Bills Run into Bad Debts
  • Company Collection Accounts and many more.

How Do I Qualify for Debt Settlement – With AW Law Group’s superior quality Debt Settlement solutions, if you owe money to any individual or organization, you automatically qualify for our Debt Settlement assistance.

Second Lien or Loan Property Settlement – Quite often people get a Second Lien or borrow a Second Loan to pay off their initial property loans.  Sadly, this practice can sometimes sink clients further in debt. However, AW Law Group in Santa Clara offers the best attorneys and case handlers, who can minimize any secondary loans or property liens or settle them.

Secured vs Unsecured Debt – An Unsecured Debt is where your loan or debt providers don’t have any of your assets secured against your debt. A Secured Debt, on the other hand is based on some of your assets being secured by your loan providers to cover and pay for any delinquent loans you owe. With both secured and unsecured debt, creditors have the right to legally go after your property and assets for repayment, although with unsecured debt it is less likely. For both secured and unsecured debt issues, AW Law Group provides the best Debt Settlement solutions in Santa Clara California.

Call AW Law Group of Santa Clara, California right now for effective Debt Settlement service that can reduce your debt up to 60%.

Why You Need An Attorney or Law Firm for Debt Settlement?

Professional attorneys can make your life a lot easier when it comes to collection disputes and litigation.  Attorneys can offer quality services getting you on the right side of any debt collection turmoil. AW Law Group is the most professional and experienced Debt Settlement service provider offering the highest quality legal aid at affordable prices. Whether you are in need of a professional Debt Settlement Lawyer or you need someone to help you file for bankruptcy efficiently, AW Law Group is your best choice. Our professional Contract & Business Services are rated the best in Santa Clara CA. With our Debt Settlement expertise, we will save you time and money repaying any loans of debts to any organization or loan provider.

Best Debt Settlement Service in Santa Clara CA

Have you gotten into a debt situation that is getting of hand? AW Law Group offers Debt Settlement service that helps you write off much of your debt. Whatever you owe, we can help reduce it to the maximum. Even when your bills have moved on to collection agencies or county bailiffs, we can help you cut down your debt significantly. Whether you owe a personal loan, student loan, old utility bills, auto loans, business loans, credit card overdue payments, or any other loans, we can help you settle those debts quickly. With AW Law Group, you can expect:

  • Total control over your debt payment and a reduction of the total amount
  • A professional way out of any bad debt situations
  • Best Debt Settlement services cutting beneficial deals with your debtors
  • Affordable Debt Settlement service in Santa Clara available anytime, anywhere

Top-Rated Business Lawyers in Santa Clara CA

Do you run or own a business in Santa Clara, California?  Are you in need of a professional business lawyer to protect your personal and financial interests? Whether you have gotten into a legal scuffle or need long term business advice regarding the law in your area, AW Law Group has a team of specialists ready to answer your questions We have professional business lawyers who are always willing to help you stay secure through any legal pitfall. We offer business law services such as:

  • Corporate formation for any kind of business partnership
  • Operating and processing agreements between co-owners, partners or shareholders
  • Management of all accounts and taxes within all laws applicable
  • Assistance with venture funding rounds in Santa Clara
  • Assistance with any mergers, acquisitions or sales of assets or brands

Why You Need AW Law Group in Santa Clara CA?

At AW Law Group, we are high ranking professionals in our field. You don’t have to hide from debt collectors any longer because our Debt Settlement service can keep all your creditors at bay.

You only pay a minimum of what you owe and can get back on track of your finances with a clean slate. We help you negotiate a better deal to alleviate loan debt, saving your business or personal life from financial stress.

AW Law Group is one of the most experienced legal service providers in Santa Clara. Our actual combined experience amounts to more than 5 decades. We have successfully served thousands of individuals and businesses in need of special attorney services. We have also had the privilege of working with some of the best Fortune 100 companies in the US. Whether you are an established organization, small business,  a brand new setup, or nonprofit trying to navigate through debt solutions or business law, at AW Law we are here for you. Our state of the art technology, business expertise, friendly people, and passion for the law will resolve all your legal problems in Santa Clara. Let our proven Debt Settlement service team work for you in waving off your debt as soon as possible.

Call us now or visit us to get professional debt relief service in Santa Clara. We offer affordable solutions to all financial and business problems in the region.

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