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What is Debt Settlement?

Has your life been swept under the rug by a debt of any kind? Debt Settlement could be the answer for you. Debt Settlement is a process where an attorney makes a deal with your loan or debt providers to reduce the amount you owe by up to 60% or sometime even more. With effective Debt Settlement, you end up paying only a fraction of what you would normally owe and can even eventually restore your credit rating to one of good standing.

Debt Settlement versus Debt Management – Debt Management is a process that allows you more time to pay the full amount of any outstanding loan. However, Debt Settlement is a process where whatever debt you owe can be reduced by up to 60%. Debt settlement is simply a better process in every situation. If you still can’t pay it all off at once, Debt Settlement can also recalibrate your payment arrangements, allowing you to make several short payments in a short time ending your debt.

When Can You Start Debt Settlement? – Debt Settlement is a process that can start today. Why wait? If you owe any outstanding balance to a creditor you are eligible to seek a Debt Settlement. It is a tremendous relief for anyone with huge debt to have that bill or loan not only lowered but wiped off your record and out of your life in a matter of days or weeks.

What Kinds of Debts can Be Handled with Debt Settlement? – Going with a professional Debt Settlement service in San Mateo County like AW Law Group means we can rid you of many kinds of debt you may be burdened with. We handle most types of debt both large and small with our special service including:

  • Business Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Credit Card Debts
  • Personal Loans
  • Utility Bills Run into Bad Debts
  • Payday Loans and Lines of Credit Debt
  • Advances
  • Medical and Insurance Bills
  • Company Collection Accounts and many more.

Do I Qualify for Debt Settlement? – If you owe any person or corporate entity any outstanding debt, you may be a good candidate for our effective Debt Settlement services. If you owe a debt to a person or company, contact AW Law Group for Debt Settlement services.

Second Lien Settlement – Have you taken out a second loan on your property in San Mateo County, California? Are you having difficulty paying it back? AW Law Group offers the best Second Lien and Second Loan settlement service to solve your financial burden. You can now rest assured that you won’t lose your home or property due to delinquency. With the help of our specialists in bankruptcy law and debt settlement, you can repay your loans at a lower rate and keep your property.

Secured Debt versus Unsecured Debt – A secured debt is when your loan providers have secured your assets as a collateral against the loan they have given you.  If that loan falls into delinquency, they can seize your assets or even possibly garnish your wages in some circumstances.  An Unsecured Debt is a loan or line of credit like a credit card that is given in good faith without securing your assets. However, that does not mean a creditor of an unsecured debt can’t go after your assets or wages for immediate repayment. Whether you have a secured debt or an open unsecured one, AW Law Group will provide you with the best Debt Settlement solutions at affordable prices in San Mateo County, California.

Call us now and book your appointment for the best Debt Settlement solutions relieving you of your debt while cleaning up your credit history at the same time.

Why You Need a Law Firm or Attorney for Debt Settlement


Are you being threatened by creditors and constantly harassed by their calls?  Are you unable to climb out of debt no matter how hard you try?  You need a trusted law firm that will keep the creditors at bay and know their way around Debt Settlement area. AW Law Group in San Mateo County is one of the leading Debt Settlement law firms in California. We have decades of experience and specialize in cutting the best deals with your loan providers. Whether your debt case is in the hands of county bailiffs or any other collection agencies, our expert Debt Settlement team will help you reduce your debt by up to 60%. With AW Law Group you don’t have to run or hide from your creditors anymore. We will protect your best interests and help you get rid of any past due loan by paying only a fraction of it.

We also offer professional Contract & Business Law services along with handling Bankruptcy and Immigration Law.

Well-Respected Debt Settlement in San Mateo County

Are you or someone you know experiencing a debt problem? AW Law Group is the most respected Debt Settlement service provider in all of San Mateo County, California. We have been handling Debt Settlement cases for decades and have professional contacts in the business and financial industries that help us reduce your debt by up to 60%. Whether you have a credit card debt, a personal loan, or a business debt, our professional Debt Settlement service will get you out of debt quickly. There is no need to feel pressure from impatient creditors. In San Mateo County California, AW Law Group offers:

Complete control over your payable debt amount and its minimization by a great percentage

An efficient and swift way out of debt

The Best Debt Settlement service when negotiating with creditors

Affordable Debt Settlement Service in San Mateo County California available around the clock

Best Business lawyers in San Mateo County

Are you a business owner or manager in San Mateo County, California looking for professional business legal help to handle all your legal issues? AW Law Group is your one-stop solution offering sound legal advice and case handling at affordable prices. Now you can avoid all legal problems or critical mistakes with one of our professional business attorneys. Our top-rated business law team offers help with:

  • A business partnership contract
  • Formation of a corporation

Processing and operating contracts and agreements between partners, co-owners, and other shareholders

Why You Need AW Law Group in San Mateo County California?

AW Law Group is a professional group of attorneys in San Mateo County, California. We are Debt Settlement specialists helping you clean up your credit history and reduce your debt.  Among our experts, we have over five decades of experience. We have worked for and with some of the biggest Fortune 100 companies in the state. AW Law Group also offers professional services to new startups, charities, non-profit organizations, and other businesses. Our Debt Settlement experts do their best to go far and above your expectations.

We use the latest technology, brightest attorneys, and attentive people who have a passion to solve your legal problems in San Mateo County California. You may only have to pay a fraction of your outstanding loan balance(s) if you choose a Debt Settlement solution with us.

Now you have the option to no longer run and hide from your creditor. AW Law Group is here to offer professional Debt Settlement services at affordable prices in San Mateo County, California. Give us a call today so we can get started today helping you in erasing your debt.

Why hire us?

  • Competitive rates
  • Over a decade of experience
  • Highly personable service
  • Your calls returned promptly - guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for – call AW Law Group now! Put a stop to harassing collector calls! Don’t wait until you are drowning in debt. Our expert team at AW Law Group in San Mateo CA can help you figure out a debt settlement that is best for you! Call us now at 510-936-8211 for your NO RISK NO OBLIGATION FREE CONSULTATION!