Case studies at AW Law Group

Area: Contracts

Client’s Issue: Clients needed to enter a joint partnership to open a food catering business. Clients had not done this before and were not sure of all the issues and protections required for this type of venture. Additionally, clients did not know each other that well and were worried about family interference and succession issues.

AW Law Group helped: Our contract experts used their deep business experience and education and worked tirelessly with the clients to educate them on setting up joint partnerships and issues relating to catering business. Because of our deep understanding of business, we were able to help the clients balance legal needs against business needs to ensure a healthy partnership based on goodwill and solid legal foundation.

Result: Helped clients think through the various aspect of their partnership. As a result, clients developed a lot deeper understanding of the business venture and a great appreciation of current and future legal issues. Provided clients with a detailed partnership agreement that clearly delineated each party’s obligations and responsibilities; provided for protection of investment; provided for mutual agreeable succession process; and provided for an agreeable method to methodically expand the business without diluting each other’s investment among many other things.

Disclaimer: Result not typical. Each case is different. Actual results will vary depending on each client’s specific situation