Managing debt can be stressful. These days nearly everyone has debt of one kind or another. Everyone is struggling to stay on top of their debts and to keep up with payments. Indeed, the harsh reality is that at times, debt can grow too large or comes due when life puts you in a position where repaying what you owe is impossible. Situation for everyday hardworking American’s has become so dire that at times more than 70 percent of their paycheck goes towards paying off their debts whether it be credit card, loan, medical or any other type of debt.  Therefore, there is no better time to explore your debt relief plan than now!

To start off with, one should understand the need to do debt settlement.

Debt settlement is not a process you undertake just because you don’t feel like having to make monthly payments anymore – it is a last resort, a final measure you take to keep yourself out of the bankruptcy court while freeing yourself from the debt burden. Debt settlement is an agreement made between a creditor and a consumer in which the total debt balanced owed is reduced and / or fees are waived and the reduced debt owed is paid in lump sum amount instead of revolving payments.

The worst thing you can do when faced with debt is avoid it altogether. You will only absorb more fees and penalties and therefore incur more debt. Best is to deal with your debt issues now and learn from your experiences about how to avoid it in the future.

When you are looking for professional help for your debt issues, you must be weary of scams in this area! It is highly recommended that you, in addition to doing your own homework to learn options available to you, contact a reputable attorney or a legal firm for legal support. Many of the legitimate debt settlement companies are also legal firms, however many are not. A debt settlement company that’s not also a law firm may not legally provide you advise of what legal option is best suited for you to handle your debt or creditor. For example, for some people bankruptcy may be a better option. Therefore, a debt settlement company that is not a law firm, will not be able to advise you on this option. Additionally, attorneys can take actions under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to stop creditor’s harassment which non-law firm debt settlement companies may not be able to do.

There are a number of aspects that will make AW Law Group your best weapon in fighting your debt problems and creditors, for example:

Years of experience. A lot of these companies may not have adequate experience to negotiate your debt settlement. AW Law Group has been in operation for years and has built a strong reputation for success. We have successfully settled thousands of cases for pennies on a dollar to provide the much-needed relief to our clients.

Stopping the harassment. We contact your creditor right away and ask them to cease all contacts with you and direct all contact and communications to us. We negotiate with your creditor so you don’t have to.

End-to-end service. As a reputable law firm regulated by the State Bar of California, we are under ethical obligation to keep your, that is our client’s, best interest at heart above all other considerations.

At AW Law Group you can be sure that you’re working with one of the most experienced law firm that has helped thousands of people like yourself in tackling their painful debt problems.