Malik Muhammad Usman Awan

Malik Muhammad Usman Awan

Academics & Credentials:

Graduated Law from University of Punjab in the year 2002.

Enrolled as Advocate on 12-12-2002 & as Advocate High Court on 14-12-2004 with Punjab Bar Council.

Life Member of Lahore High Court Bar Association & Lahore Bar Association.

Member of Islamabad High Court Bar Association.

Presently Legal Advisor to various Corporate Organization.

Practicing as an Advocate since 2002.

Professional Career ranging over twelve years as an advocate in which I dealt with variety of Constitutional, Civil, Criminal, Service, Corporate, Banking, Family, Special Courts including Accountability cases of various Corporate Organizations e.g Banks, Stock Exchange Houses, Industrial Units, Management Companies, Business Individuals etc.

Experience in managing mega legal portfolios, commanding legal teams and coordinating with team of lawyers in such management.

To form legal opinions and to suggest legal recourse on various legal issues.

Vast experience in interacting with Federal & Provincial Government Departments, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Federal Board of Revenue, State Bank of Pakistan.

Experience of formation of Companies, Mergers, Amalgamations, Consortiums etc.

Interacted with Revenue Authorities regarding verification, transfers, title clearance, mutations, land acquisitions, evacuee and waqf properties, development of estate lands, urbanization etc.

Experience of drafting & vetting contracts involving Public Private Partnership, Real Estate, Corporate Mergers and Agreements etc.

Conducted various Arbitration Proceedings and related litigation.

Conducted Court Auctions, Interacted with Provisional Managers & Liquidators & related processes.

Legal Advisor, Public Private Partnership Cell, Planning & Development Department (2014-2015)

Legal Head, Innovative Investment Bank Limited (under liquidation) (2012-2018)

Being legal head of the bank under liquidation dealt with the entire liquidation proceedings, dealt with banking, civil and criminal cases on behalf of the bank.

Legal Consultant, Punjab Education Foundation (2016-2020)

Being Legal Consultant represented the client before High Court and Civil Courts across the Province.

Legal Consultant, Punjab Education Initiatives Management Authority (2018-2020)

Being Legal Consultant represented the client before High Court and Civil Courts across the Province.

Legal Consultant, United We Reach (2016-2019)

Being Legal Counsel dealt with matters relating to NPO.

Legal Consultant, Lampro Mellon (2019-2021)

Being Legal Consultant dealt with projects and matters relating to IT Sector.

Legal Advisor, Torjans (2022-ongoing)

Legal Advisor, Cambridge Garments Industries Limited (2021-ongoing)

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