Do you have questions related to traveling on a Green Card and other immigration issues after Trump’s Executive Order?
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President Trump wasted no time in signing several executive orders which concern our country’s immigration policies.

During his first week in Oval office, President Trump signed two executive orders. The first executive order curbs allocation of federal funding to sanctuary cities and it authorizes Department of Homeland and Security to deport aliens immediately who have been convicted of a crime or who had committed a crime to any government authority. Even if the criminal charges are pending and they have not been resolved the DHS is still authorized to deport them. The second executive order blocks refugees from war torn country Syria indefinitely, imposes a temporary ban of at least 90 days to citizens of Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Iran so that they cannot enter in US through immigrant or non-immigrant visas, bans refugee program for 120 days from all countries and it reduces the number of total refugees to 50,000 from 110,000 as authorized by former President Barack Obama. The temporary ban of 90 days is only a beginning and this list could expand in the next few days. There have been news that permanent residents from Iraq and Iran have been sent back from the US port of entry points.

What to do in this situation?

  • If you are a citizen of Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Libya or Sudan please cancel your foreign travel plans as soon as possible.
  • If you are already abroad and belong to one of those seven countries, then please consult your attorney before returning back to USA.
  • Never sign any document asking you to withdraw or cancel your green card but insist for a hearing before an immigration judge
  • If you are citizen of a Muslim majority country then cancel your travel plans abroad and if you are already abroad then come back as soon as possible as this list may include other countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan etc.
  • If you are a US citizen the border officers must let you in. You may be subjected to a secondary investigation especially if your country of origin has Muslim majority population. Answer all the primary interrogation questions truthfully. If at any point, you feel uncomfortable, insist that you would like to speak to your attorney before responding to those questions. You could also say respectfully that you have already identified yourself and now would like to go home as soon as possible. They may ask for your cellphone or Social media profiles. Under any circumstances do not provide the password for cellphones or your social media accounts. If the border agents ask for your cellphone you may gave it to them however, they cannot ask you for the password.